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About one in five small businesses majority female-owned, and the number of such firms also grew by 22% between 2007 and 2015” according to a recent report published by the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Kansas City.


The Girl Bawse Bible

In this Edition of The Girl Bawse Bible you will be getting the contact information of 100 or more fashion wholesalers that I’ve personally used and also that some of the top boutiques on social media use , also listed you will find the wholesale marketplaces websites which all have thousands and thousands of wholesalers , a detailed checklist to help you get started covering everything from packaging to logos I guarantee you this purchase will be life changing for anyone just looking for a start with their boutique and I will be here to continue to help you the best way I can.

The Girl Bawse Bible (Cosmetic & Skincare edition) COMING SOON

...all about entrepreneurship in the world of Fashion & Beauty and so much more...

Do you know that...

  1. The US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses.
  2. US women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion a year.
  3. 40% of US businesses are women-owned.
  4. Women started 1,821 net new businesses every day last year. 
  5. 64% of new women-owned businesses were started by women of color last year. 

Do you know that...

6. Latina women-owned businesses grew more than 87%.
7. There are 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago.
8. 62% of women entrepreneurs cite their business as their primary source of income.

In this Guide...

You will find so much helpful information to help you get started aside from the wholesale information I’ve included a step by step checklist of what you will need to get this venture started the information provided is priceless ,I’m confident you will feel ready to take action with this guide.

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